Murdered Holistic Doctors Update


“Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.” George Bernard Shaw

The THRIVE Movement’s Foster Gamble interviews Erin Elizabeth of and alternative health powerhouse, Dr. Joseph Mercola ( about the mounting cases of the apparent murder of now 33 holistic doctors.

Many of these were studying the high rate of the immuno-suppressing enzyme, nagalase found in the blood of people with autism. Some suspected that the enzyme had been introduced into their bodies through vaccinations.

Foster says he’s been studying the pattern of assassinations of various groups for a decade, among them, the 30 microbiologists who were found dead under suspicious circumstances in the early years of this century. Most of these scientists were working on bio-weapons for US clandestine agencies and would have known the inner-workings of these secret projects, as they were smack in the middle of them. Once their brains had been tapped, they were apparently offed.

Then, there’s the infamous “Clinton Body Count”, which Gamble says has now mushroomed to between 60-70 suspicious deaths over the past twenty years.

Most people have also heard of the rash of banker “suicides” starting in 2014, which numbered 72, ten months ago (I can’t find a more recent figure).

These were mostly middle-management men working in their banks’ Risk Management departments, who may have known about criminal manipulations in areas like the gold market, the FOREX market and about the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) interest rate-riggings. Gamble asserts that higher-ups manage investigations leading up to them by getting rid of the guys leading up to them, in the middle tiers.

Gamble then cites Erin Elizabeth’s own article, detailing the nearly 3,000 investigative journalists who’ve been murdered over the past 25 years, including the publicized Michael Hasting car “accident”.

It is known that the computerized systems of new cars make them vulnerable to hacking. Although the authorities reported that there was no evidence of foul play, a witness says she heard an explosion, her house shook and her windows were rattled by his late model Mercedes’ impact into a palm tree, which promptly burst into flames. His engine block was ejected 60 yards away from the car. These details are indicative of a car bomb, rather than a simple car crash.

Gamble says that these are just a few of the many clusters of assassinations against alternative energy engineers, whistleblowers of vote fraud, pedophilia rings, etc.

All agree that this is a serious issue, which requires taking the appropriate security precautions in one’s home and also of networking with one another or even doing a data dump of one’s research on the Internet, to take the focus away from oneself. Kimberly Gamble also notes that “Not speaking out is equally as dangerous” as speaking out.