New Cancer Fighter – GcMAF Update

Research into how our body works has uncovered a new way to treat cancer and many other auto-immune disorders.  The new approach is based on the biological concept that all healthy people already have a natural defense system inside their bodies.   This is the immune system that uses a natural protein, GcMAF [Gc Macrophage Activating Factor], as part of it’s defense system.  In a healthy person GcMAF instructs macrophages in the bloodstream to search our bodies for and kill pathogens and malignancies. But malignant cells like cancer and viruses send out an enzyme called Nagalase that puts GcMAF to sleep; so the macrophages never get the message to go into action —in this way cancer cells suppress the immune system, and cancer cells grow unchecked.

This article collects all the scattered information about GcMAF and simplifies the information.

The illustration below depicts how cancer suppresses the immune system.




To reverse this cancer activation, a researcher, Dr. Yamamoto, devised a technique for restoring Gc-protein activity, which creates the most potent macrophage-activating factor ever discovered.  It has no adverse side-effects.  He called it  GcMAF. 

Yamamoto’s research is a huge break through in cancer and autoimmune disorders.  It opens the door to stepping out of the conventional medical box and into a new way of thinking and approach to the cancer problem! That is, harnessing the natural body chemistry to fight cancer instead of conventional therapies like drugs that have severe side-effects.  And more often do not destroy cancer cells nor extend life.

What is GcMAF? Gc stands for vitamin D binding protein produced in the liver. MAF stands for Macrophage Activating Factor [ MAF ].  Normally, Gc is converted into MAF and MAF activates macrophages to get rid of pathogens.  GcMAF is a Vitamin D protein-binding compound derived from macrophages [ in the blood ] that activates the immune system.

More about Yamamoto’s research and cancer

yamamotoCancer cells are clever because they disable our immune system in order to enhance their own survival.  Dr. Yamamoto discovered that cancer cells do this by secreting an enzyme called Nagalase, which prevents the precursor protein Gc from being converted to MAF.  This Nagalase-enzyme activity can actually be measured in cancer patients;  a high nagalase enzyme reading on a test signifies that you have the very earliest beginnings of either a cancer or a virus..  Elimination the tumor results in a much lower nagalase reading.

Video below shows how GcMAF eradicates cancer; cells seen via microscopes and time lapse photography in action.



Explanation about video:

The video illustrates Human MCF7 breast cancer cells both in a corrugated layer on the surface below, and as irregular “fingers” above.

Macrophages activated by First Immune GcMAF are small round circles added at the bottom left.

Time lapse photography over 60 hours shows the cancer monolayer below first changing from corrugated to smooth from the bottom left as the cancer is destroyed; then the cancer “fingers” are also eaten and destroyed by the macrophages.

This video confirms the research paper “Effects of vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage-activating factor on human breast cancer cells,” published in the journal Anticancer Research 2012 Jan;32(1):45-52.

GcMAF response times: Immune Biotech Lab: GcMAF response times

“GcMAF appears to be successful at rebuilding the immune system in around three weeks in the vast majority – probably over 80%. Remember that since the half life of GcMAF is only one week – you have to keep taking it until your disease has gone, or the immune system gets shut down again. In responders (about 80%) nagalase comes down at the rate of 10-40% every 8 weeks. You should give your immune system 8 weeks for chronic herpes/acne. Allow 24 plus weeks of GcMAF for: Autism (85% improve, 15% eradication), CFS (40% eradication), HIV, Lyme (15% respond, most appear to have the VDR gene blocked and the viruses conceal themselves with biofilms) and stage 1 to 2 cancer, (80% respond). Late stage cancer, perhaps 20% responders, takes a year to 18 months. Remember everyone responds differently. We can’t say how you will respond. The more minor the disease, the easier it is for GcMAF and your immune system to eradicate. GcMAF needs normal levels of vitamin D to function strongly. But even in low responders, GcMAF usually appears to stop the advance of cancer.”

Since GcMAF is a protein that is dependent on sufficient vitamin D-3 being present in the body, one could infer that those deficient in vitamin D-3 would be prone to cancer and autoimmune disorders!  HIV participants who also take 4000IU plus of vitamin D daily can expect to see nagalese drop to normal after 16 weeks.

Research: Research into GcMAF has been occurring since 1990 and hundreds of research papers have explored the role of extracted and purified GcMAF for a variety of conditions. The leading researcher in all of this has been Nobuto Yamamoto. Yamamoto: GcMAF & breast cancer 2008   Yamamoto and other researchers and practitioners have demonstrated that GcMAF can reverse diseases that attack the immune system such as: chronic inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, chronic herpes, chronic acne, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, Hodgkin’s, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s and remarkably – autism.  Smith: Grading cancer 2010  Fannon: GcMAF kills prostate cancer  Noakes: GcMAF kills cancer cells 2012  Yamamoto: GcMAF & prostate cancer 2008  Yamamoto: lupus & GcMAF 1997  Published patient trials

GcMAF issues related to cancer and other autoimmune disorders have also garnered validity from the attendances of numerous global doctors and researchers attending GcMAP conferences.  Although GcMAP had been ignored [ and suppressed ] in the United States since 1990, it is no longer being ignored today by drug companies, the public and medical doctors.  Immune Biotech: Conference reports 2013

Because GcMAF is a new approach to fighting cancer and challenges the established ways of fighting cancer, it has been labeled as controversial for the past 20 years. Arney: Controversy GcMAP 2008  McCarty: Early cancer control

 Warning:  Consult an informed medical healer before using GcMAF, getting tests for GcMAF or Nagalase.   Many medical doctors are NOT informed about GcMAF so you need to find a medical doctor who is informed and trained in the use of GcMAF!  A search on the internet reveals that GcMAF is already being marketed and may be purchased by individuals. Immune Biotech Lab: side effects of GcMAF  Likewise, you can obtain blood tests for GcMAF and nagalase.  Testing GcMAF is a time consuming, highly specialized and expensive process. According to Immune Active Lab, “the only way to test that GcMAF is actively with live macrophage and live cancer cell lines. In the laboratory tests we do on our GcMAF batches, we photograph through microscopes as newly activated macrophages eat cancer cells, and in the absence of macrophages, our GcMAF turns the cancer cells back into healthy cells. That is how we know a batch is active.”  Other companies marketing GcMAF have not disclosed their product verification process.  GcMAF needs to be purified every time prior to using it.  The real full, safe, universal, and clinical application of this new medical-health marvel may still be a few years away.  This commentary about verifiying an active working synthesis of GcMAF is not an endorsement of Immune Biotech Lab products.

Here is an example of possible GcMAF complications and why you need to be under the care of an informed medical doctor: IRIS is a disease that attacks the immune system the moment it tries to repair itself. IRIS is a poorly understood, acute illness called Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) that develops in some HIV-infected individuals soon after they begin anti-retroviral therapy. IRIS affects certain HIV-infected individuals whose immune systems are heavily damaged by the virus and who have a treated or undiagnosed AIDS-associated infection. When these individuals start anti-retroviral therapy and their immune cells begin to regenerate, the immune system unexpectedly produces an exaggerated response that unmasks or worsens the symptoms of the co-infection.

Testing of Nagalase to Determine if GcMAF Should Be Considered:  Since viruses and diseased cells release negalase, people who have a higher level of negalase in their body means that the immune system is not effective at dealing with invaders. Children with autism typically have nagalase levels triple the normal level. Nagalase blood tests are available so that the blood level number can be monitored to see the impact that GcMAF is having on the immune system. Typically if the number of nagalase in the blood is elevated, this means that GcMAF is needed to assist the immune system to get back into balance. People with normal nagalase levels typically will not benefit from GcMAF, so it is wise to get a blood test before treatment as well as periodically while on GcMAF. According to research, nagalase levels can be cut in half every eight weeks while on GcMAF.”  Smith: GcMAF Book Table of contents 2010

Testing for Cancer:

The only test on the market now to find tumor cells in blood – CellSearch, made by J&J’s Veridex unit – just gives a cell count. It doesn’t capture whole cells that doctors can analyze to choose treatments.  Marchione: New blood test 2011  Interest in trying to collect these cells soared in 2007, after Haber and his colleagues published a study of Mass General’s test. Noakes: GcMAF kills cancer cells 2012  It is far more powerful than CellSearch and traps cells intact. It requires only a couple of teaspoons of blood and can be done repeatedly to monitor treatment or determine why a drug has stopped working and what to try next.  The new test is (a) in need of a lot of further study and (b) very expensive.

AMAS test is similar in a way.  AMAS is much cheaper and — best of all — available now.   Unlike tests such as CEA [Carcinoembryonic antigen is a glycoprotein involved in cell adhesion.  In adults, an abnormal amount of CEA may be a sign of cancer.] which measure less well-defined antigens whose serum levels tend to be inconstant but elevated late in the disease. The AMAS test measures a well-defined antibody whose serum levels rise early in the course of the disease.

The AMAS test is controversial.  AMAS stands for anti-malignin antibody in serum. The AMAS test looks for the presence of a substance called “malignin” in the body by detecting antibodies to it in the blood. Supposedly, malignin is a marker for any type of cancer. “The AMAS test is useful both as a screening test for early cancer and for monitoring cancer therapies. AMAS is elevated when cancer is present and goes down below baseline when cancer is gone. AMAS is over 99% accurate [ when done twice ] and can be used instead of Nagalase to find and follow cancers. [ Unlike Nagalase, AMAS does not detect the presence of viruses.]  AMAS is both a cancer screening test and a cancer monitoring test.  …. AMAS differs from Nagalase in that AMAS is specific for cancer, while Nagalase identifies an enzyme made by both viruses and cancer cells and is therefore unable (by itself) to distinguish between the two. Because Nagalase testing cannot distinguish the difference between cancer and virus, AMAS is a better screening test for cancer.”  Smith: GcMAF Book Table of contents 2010

To order a free AMAS kit, call 1-800-922-8378 or order online at:  AMAS is a product of Oncolab, Inc., 36 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02215. Phone: 617-536-0850.

The Future: GcMAF is a naturally made molecule and is not patentable, though its manufacturing process is patent protected. There is no evidence of any current effort to commercialize this therapy or put it into practice.

Buying GcMAF:  There are numerous stories on the internet claiming to be able to buy GcMAF from sources like, Belgium,  Netherlands , expensively from Israel and the United States.  Versions of GcMAF, like MAF314 and MAF 878 are being sold on Ebay.  The commercialized marketing aspect of GcMAF related supplements is unregulated!  Conventional medicine appears to be avoiding clinical application of GcMAF while common folk and informed doctors are medicating. GcMAF is being sold over the internet and it appears that several people are already implementing GcMAF to treat their diseases as diverse as cancer, autism and HIV infection.

The National Cancer Institute is totally silent on this discovery and there is no evidence the cancer care industry plans to quickly mobilize to use this otherwise harmless but effective treatment.  The truth: the silence from the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health on this potential therapy implies that both are suppressing GcMAF clinical research and application.