Promising Cancer Cure killed by Lies and Greed

The Extraordinary Rise
and Fall of a Promising
Cancer Treatment

A Story of Lies, Greed and Dishonesty

In the middle of the twentieth century, Andrew Ivy, MD, PhD, was one of the most respected scientists in America. Vice President of the University of Illinois and a director of the American Cancer Society, he was a pillar of the medical establishment.

His career would no doubt have continued to blossom if he had not made a crucial error of judgment. He decided to investigate a promising new non-toxic cancer drug. That’s when his world fell apart.

Here is how it came about.

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A Yugoslav scientist living in Argentina, Dr Stefan Durovic, observed that horses with neck tumors caused by a fungus often died, but some would recover. He theorized that the survivors must produce a substance that helped them overcome the disease. He came up with a process for extracting this substance. It was tested in dogs with great success.

Promising early results

In 1949 an Argentine businessman called Loretani introduced Dr Durovic to two other businessmen — Ed Moore and Kenneth Brainard — who arranged for Durovic to meet Dr Ivy. He in turn tested the substance on a terminally ill cancer patient.

Within hours all pain had gone. In three days the tumor had shrunk in half, and within a few weeks it had vanished completely.

The doctors saw similar results in other cases, including the wife of the famous plastic surgeon Dr John Pick, who became a supporter of the treatment. The drug was given the name Krebiozen, and the Krebiozen Research Foundation was formed to promote research and oversee its distribution.

By February 1950 Moore and Brainard were demanding the distribution rights to the drug, but Dr Durovic and his brother Marko felt it wasn’t appropriate because of their lack of experience in this field. The two businessmen had been very helpful so they were offered a royalty or partnership, but they reportedly refused all alternatives.

A private meeting becomes very public

After testing on 22 patients and seeing beneficial results in 70%, a small private meeting was to be held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on March 26, 1951. The idea was to find other scientists and clinics who would further the research effort. 80 cancer specialists and doctors, four respected medical journalists and some lay people were invited.

Unfortunately, a publicity agent sent out an unauthorized, sensationalist press release talking about patients who had been cured of cancer. Dr Ivy was horrified. The meeting was packed with journalists and their stories filled the newspapers in the days ahead.

This alienated much of the medical profession. Dr Ivy’s unseen enemies now had a chance to strike.

Enemies of Krebiozen start their attacks

Dr J.J. Moore was Treasurer and a big player at the time in the American Medical Association (AMA). He appointed a committee with himself in charge to investigate Krebiozen.

Dr Moore and another AMA official, Dr Wermer, visited Dr Durovic and his brother. Dr Moore at one point reportedly said to them, “Don’t you think you have an obligation to Moore and Brainard for the distribution rights to Krebiozen?”

Dr Durovic was surprised that Dr Moore knew the businessmen. Moore pressed the matter, saying, “You must give the distribution rights to Moore and Brainard.” (This was revealed in sworn testimony a year later).

In June, 1951, Loretani, the businessman from Argentina, met with the Durovics again. He also pushed for distribution rights to be given to Moore and Brainard.

On a second visit he made it clear that if they didn’t get what they demanded, their powerful friend Dr Moore would see that they, Dr Ivy and their discovery Krebiozen would be utterly destroyed. Loretani, the story goes, told Durovic that Ed Moore had a good friend on the medical faculty at the University of Illinois who would prepare an unfavorable report on Krebiozen.

As an alternative to distribution rights the inventors could hand over $2.5 million. Then all attacks would cease. (This was revealed in sworn testimony to a Legislative Committee). $2.5 million then is equivalent to something like $23 million today.

In a meeting between Wermer and Pick, the latter testified that he was told, “It’s too bad a man of your caliber has to go down with the ship, but that’s the way it has to be.”

Dr Ivy and Krebiozen are
discredited step by step

In October, 1951, The AMA’s Status Report on Krebiozen was published in only six weeks instead of the usual two years or more for such an investigation. It covered 100 patients of whom 98 showed no evidence of improvement. The Chicago Tribune reported that, “Medically speaking, Krebiozen is dead.”

A few weeks later Dr Ivy – who, remember, was a Vice President of the University of Illinois — was put on trial by the Executive Committee of the Chicago Medical Society for violating medical ethics. He was suspended for three months. This caused Ivy to resign from practically all his medical posts to save the organizations from being put in an embarrassing position.

Shortly after, one of the government’s most esteemed scientific agencies, the National Research Council, wrote a letter published in the AMA Journal which said there was “no proof of palliative effect” attributable to Krebiozen.

The President of the University of Illinois set up a committee headed by Dr Cole, Chief of Surgery, to investigate Krebiozen.

In the meantime Dr Ivy had compiled a 700 page report on 500 patients, 490 of which were in the final stages of the disease, having exhausted the usual methods of treatment. It showed that symptoms were ameliorated in 70%, tumors were reduced by 50%, body weight increased by 66% and pain decreased rapidly. There was no evidence of toxicity. He sent his report to the committee in June, 1952.

The Cole Committee reported in September, 1952. Its findings were that “Krebiozen has no curative value in the treatment of cancer.”

A closer look reveals conspiracy

Businessman Commodore Barreira, who had been looking after Dr Durovic’s laboratory in Buenos Aires, was suspicious of the negative AMA report. He with his secretary secured an appointment with Dr J.J. Moore, the AMA operative.

Mr Barreira pretended to have had a falling out with Dr Durovic and to possess documents that were incriminating against him. Trusting Barreira’s story, Dr Moore – keen to get hold of these documents – explained his scheme for securing distribution rights to the drug.

He invited Mr Barreira to join the scheme and assured him the AMA would continue its attacks until Durovic was forced to sell out cheaply. Then, as rightful owners of Krebiozen, the plotters would share the millions the drug was worth. The exact division of proceeds would be worked out with Barriera, Moore, Brainard and Loretani.

Dr Moore also said Dr Ivy was stubborn in defense of Krebiozen. The conspirators had gotten him expelled from the Chicago Medical Society and were working to have him turned out of his office at the University of Illinois.

Mr Barreira now had proof of all their shenanigans.

Legislative hearings held

The controversy caused by Krebiozen brought on an investigation by the Illinois legislature. Hearings opened in April, 1953. Commodore Barreira presented his affidavits and testimony. The AMA never denied the action of their Treasurer nor did Dr Moore himself.

Dr Ivy demolished the AMA Status Report, employing words such as dishonest, falsification, misleading, unethical and fakery.

The Hearings ended nearly a year later. They reported that Dr Ivy’s research had been carried out according to high scientific standards. The legislators did not make a charge of conspiracy against Dr Moore et al because their remit only pertained to the goings on at the University.

Unfortunately, the Hearings appeared to change nothing. Dr Ivy asked the AMA to carry out double blind testing of the drug, but the association refused and continued to insist that Krebiozen was of no value. The group even voted Dr Moore back in as Treasurer. The National Cancer Institute likewise refused to test Krebiozen.

Earlier in July, 1952, Dr Ivy’s contract as Vice President of the University of Illinois was not renewed. And meanwhile medical journals refused to publish his research papers.

In 1956, he compiled five years of research into Krebiozen covering 687 patients. After it was rejected by all journals to which he submitted it, he was forced to send it to a small book publisher who accepted it for publication.

False reports issued

The public was very interested in Krebiozen and people naturally asked their doctors about using it. There were at least a dozen reports from hospitals and doctors saying they had tested Krebiozen and it proved to be worthless. However the Krebiozen Research Foundation knew where every ampoule was sent. None of these hospitals or doctors had actually used the drug.

A doctor at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, New York, wrote in a letter that “we tried it on 100 patients”. This was untrue. Publicizing these false reports – outright lies – put an end to this practice. Some doctors even reported that their patients had died after using Krebiozen when they were very much alive.

If it sounds incredible that a “distinguished” cancer center would lie, please know that Sloan Kettering was caught red-handed lying about another cancer treatment, laetrile, and exposed by one of its own employees, Dr Ralph Moss, who was unwilling to participate in the fraud.

FDA granted new powers –
the end Is near

New FDA regulations came into effect in June, 1963, which meant that Krebiozen couldn’t be shipped across state lines without FDA approval, which the agency had no intention of granting. As a result the substance could only be legally purchased in Illinois. This led to hundreds of patients and their relatives picketing the White House.

The FDA carried out its own tests and reported that Krebiozen was only creatine, a common substance in the human body, and announced plans to prosecute Drs Ivy and Durovic. In the trial that followed, FDA experts admitted they were mistaken. The two doctors were acquitted on all charges.

In 1973, opponents of Krebiozen finally carried the day and it was outlawed in Illinois.

So ended the extraordinary story of Krebiozen, a drug whose crime in the eyes of the medical establishment was to show tremendous promise in the treatment of cancer. And to be owned by someone besides themselves.

It’s reported that during its brief run of 20 years or so, Krebiozen was used by more than 3,000 doctors and many thousands of patients. Many of these patients were in the last stages of the disease yet returned to full health. This is the “dangerous situation” the authorities were determined to end. And they succeeded.

If you’ve done much reading about alternative cancer treatments, you’re aware there are a great number of therapies with stories similar to this. The medical establishment ferociously attacks cancer alternatives even more than treatments for other conditions, and they’ve largely succeeded in denying these treatments to American cancer patients and those in many other countries as well.

Nonetheless, promising treatments keep coming forward and people keep getting well. We wrote about one of them in our last issue. If you missed it, we’re running the article again just below.

It Looks Like This Special
Type of Water Does
Possess Healing Powers

Without oxygen, you’d be dead in about 6 minutes. It’s that critical for life.

Yet scientists believe most people are perpetually short of the oxygen they need to enjoy peak health, vitality, and longevity. Recently, I came across a remarkable new remedy – a new “special” type of water — that boosts your oxygen levels.

Yes, it sounds unlikely and unscientific. But stay with me, because I think there’s something to it.

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This new therapy appears to be a breakthrough that radically slashes your risk of diseases linked to low oxygen, just by improving one simple thing you already do every day – drinking water.

The treatment shows promise for the chronically ill as well as for healthy people and athletes simply looking for better health or a performance edge.

Oxygen deficiency has long been linked to disease, going back to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg in 1931, when he won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells.

He said that in normal cells, the replacement of oxygen respiration with the fermentation of sugar was a cause of cancer… that normal cells meet their energy needs with oxygen, while abnormal ones meet their needs (mostly) by fermentation.

Or – to put a bit more scientifically — normal cells are obligate aerobes, but cancer cells are partial anaerobes.

Is this the hidden cause of
your low energy?

Unlike plants, your body needs to “burn” oxygen in every cell in order to produce the energy each organ uses to perform its unique function, from digestion to memory.

Your cells (excluding your red blood cells) each contain from 50 to 5,000 little “power plants” called mitochondria that produce the fuel needed for your cells to function.

They demand oxygen as their raw material, but if they must, they can ferment sugar to produce energy. And they’ll do exactly that in the face of oxygen depletion. They’ll thrive on fermented sugar. Then, because this situation is not optimal, your cells’ energy levels drop. They get tired, fatigued, with nothing left to give.

If you’re low on oxygen (which happens more easily than you might think), your cells go into anaerobic mode, triggering a cascade of negative results. First, it slows your cells’ energy production. That slowdown leads to an aging body and many kinds of illness – including cancer.

So although fermentation lets these cells survive, they no longer function at their best. Instead of performing their regular job or communicating properly with other cells, their “job” becomes to replicate and grow. And that can lead to cancer.

Breathing is not the only way
to improve oxygen levels

Most people think of oxygen as a gas. But it can also be found in liquid form.

Researchers at MIT and Stanford University showed that cell oxygenation happens 10 times faster if you drink oxygen instead of breathe it.

Yes – I know – it sounds wacky. I thought so, too. But this new remedy has some remarkable clinical data behind it.

The quality and quantity of oxygen absorption into your liver and intestine is 6 times greater when you drink properly oxygenated water than when you breathe it.

That’s no doubt been an impetus behind recent attempts to increase the oxygen content in water. Today, several brands of water claim to be oxygenated, but have failed to live up to scientific scrutiny.

If you use a mechanism that simply charges the water with oxygen in gas form, it dissipates very quickly. Likewise, waters treated with ozone tend to release their ozone very quickly upon opening the bottle. (That’s the “poof” you hear when you open carbonated water.)

This secret makes water “wetter”
and your health better

One kind of water emerged recently that contains remarkably stable high oxygen levels. It is called Kaqun (pronounced Kah-coon. And, yes, the name was inspired by the movie). According to its makers, Kaqun water offers a structure and benefits other waters do not.

Kaqun was developed in Hungary by a team of doctors and researchers. It’s been studied for more than 20 years, and involves a partial change in the molecular structure of the water. Without getting too technical, here’s what Kaqun water is…

Kaqun water is normal, drinkable, purified, filtered water.

But… it’s enriched with oxygen by means of a special patented technology. In brief, filtered water is led through an electric and magnetic field operating at a specific frequency. The water then stays between catalyzers for a specified amount of time.

In the end, the process produces smaller, more stable water clusters consisting of 6 to 9 molecules, and water that’s alkaline (7.8 to 8.2 pH).

In the course of the structural change, oxygen atoms are freed from their bonds and stored inside the tiny cluster. The large clusters break down so they are able to penetrate your cell membranes, but they still retain the oxygen stored within them.

The structure of this water is called a cluster. Its basic structure is a tetrahedron – 4 water molecules form the structure H8O4. These clusters remain stable for long periods of time.

Because of the cluster’s small size, it can more easily penetrate cell membranes, or, alternatively, it can remain in the intercellular space.

To sum up, Kaqun water:

  • Contains extra high levels of stable dissolved oxygen
  • Contains dissolved oxygen that reaches and enters cancer cells without the need for hemoglobin
  • Triggers redox reactions within seconds (which improves mitochondrial activity)
  • Triggers apoptosis – an increase in cell energy level and membrane potential
  • Sparks cell re-differentiation, a proof of the mitochondrial activity taking place

Kaqun water remains stable for over a year under normal conditions (room temperature, no extreme heat or cold).

Two ways to absorb…

Kaqun can be delivered to your body two ways – through your skin and through your stomach.

For chronically or seriously ill patients, bath therapies are recommended in addition to the drinking water. The skin’s capillaries quickly absorb high levels of oxygen during prolonged immersion in Kaqun water at exactly body temperature.

Bathing in Kaqun water helps patients with severe skin conditions to improve greatly. Participants took three 50-minute baths per day for two weeks. These included burns, lymphoma, varicose ulcers, physical trauma, and viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

The bathing regimen also helped remediate several kinds of cancer (breast, colon, ovarian, cervical, and carcinoma), as well as cognitive decline.

In healthy volunteers, studies showed that drinking Kaqun water enhanced tissue oxygenation, because sooner or later poor oxygenation will catch up with you. The oxygen in the water penetrates the mucous membranes of your stomach and GI tract to reach your tissues.

I have a confession to make. . .

I confess my eyes tend to glaze over when someone starts yammering about some “special water” that’s supposed to cure cancer or other diseases. There are legions of these people in the alternative health world. If you want to pay Champagne prices for water, you came to the right place.

So last September when I saw the Kaqun presentation coming up next at the Cancer Control Society convention, I was prepared for the worst. Instead, I got a pleasant surprise and even a bit of a shock. It looks like there’s something to this. I was impressed by the people, the science, and the case studies they presented of patients who experienced healing.

I’m thinking of going to Hungary for the full spa treatment, if I can get the time.

Backed by science…

Kaqun water is currently the only water that’s undergone more than 10 years of clinical and animal studies, including both healthy volunteers and those with significant health challenges.

In a person who suffers from a disease, the mitochondria are often trapped in a perpetual low energy state. The oxygen in the water helps to increase the membrane’s energy potential. It takes a “jolt” to push your low energy levels higher. Once you’re ill, this is not something you can do through drinking regular water or exercising.

Even healthy volunteers showed dramatic improvements in oxygen saturation, reaction times, cognition, and blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic).

According to its advocates, regular use of Kaqun water facilitates ongoing cellular repair and regeneration, aids the detoxification process, and refreshes and re-energizes your body. It may also reduce inflammation and allergies.

Kaqun water contains no chemicals or toxic materials. And there’s no indication that it interferes with other therapies.

At this point, Kaqun bath facilities are not available in the U.S. You’ll have to go to Hungary or Italy for that. But there is talk of opening a U.S. spa sometime in 2015.

Kaqun drinking water, however, is available in the U.S. through Kaqun distributors. It may be worth looking into, because so many of us are low on oxygen without knowing it. . .

Reasons for low oxygen
(even though you breathe regularly)

Entire textbooks have been written about the benefits of oxygen and oxygen therapies for many health conditions, including cancer, infections, cardiac rehab, burns, and more.

Yet some doctors think almost everyone is oxygen deprived. You might argue with that, saying you’re fine and you breathe normally.

But there are some surprising causes of oxygen deprivation that might change your mind:

  1. Some scientists believe that the atmospheric level of oxygen has dropped by 33% since the beginning of advanced forms of life. And in polluted cities, oxygen levels may have plummeted by 50%. Scientists blame this on desertification and deforestation.
  2. Poor breathing habits – shallow breathing and holding your breath. Stress, fear, worry, and anxiety can promote shallow breathing. Some people are under so much stress they literally hold their breath off and on all day, without realizing it.
  3. Sleep apnea – obviously related to #2, but this one happens unconsciously during sleep.
  4. A sedentary lifestyle. Those with the worst breathing habits are usually those who don’t exercise. Exercise helps deliver more oxygen to your body’s cells. Even mild exercise is helpful.
  5. Poor posture. If you work at a desk all day, bent over your computer with slumped shoulders, your chest gets squeezed, preventing you from fully oxygenating.
  6. Working in low oxygen environments. Breathing recycled office air (rather than fresh air from outside) and being around machines and equipment that use up oxygen will lower the oxygen supply in your daily workspace.
  7. Lung and bronchial problems may reduce your lung capacity.

But here’s something else hardly anyone thinks about…

Sufficient oxygen isn’t enough. You also need healthy blood circulation and adequate hydration to carry the oxygen to all the tissues and cells it needs to reach.

It looks to me like Kaqun water might help. I’m intrigued, I’ll say that much.



Kindest regards,

Lee Euler,




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