CANCER CURE Dr. Burzynski


One of many Cures for cancer under a direct attack by 100% criminal and corrupted FDA and US Government !! – Very effective natural Cure, combined though with Cannabis Flower Extract would make it perfect and raise the success rate from ca. 40 to 95% for patients that had not gone under Chemo and radiation and for those that did it would still raise the success rate from 25 to ca 70% – I like to combine things, as you can with Natural medicines as mush as you want, like Colloidal Silver and Gold for Inflammations, Infections, viruses and bacteria’s, Cannabis for setting all bodily functions and Systems in balance and it has several Cancer fighting properties of its own, Laetrile an other effective Cancer fighter, Ozone and active H for higher Oxygen levels in the blood, Becks Protocol for cleaning the blood from parasites and higher the Oxygen intake of the read blood-cells, change Diet, quit Sugar and Aspartame, Drink Clean water and good humor – All of these methods are Banned by FDA and All of these methods have only one “Side-effect”: Perfect Health.

Dr. Burzynski discovery of antineonplastons is revolutionizing addition to the natural pharmacology and his relentless Fight with FDA for decades is more than remarkable and inspiring for all of us fighting for free Natural treatments, but alone not as effective as it could be