Rife:Bare Plasma Experiment

Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms

(July 23, 2008)


Utilizing a Rife-Bare phanotron plasma device, this experiment is an attempt to repeat the acclaimed work of Royal R. Rife who used his ‘universal microscope’ and phanotron plasma device to destroy, or as he described it, “devitalize” microorganisms. While Rife is said to have found the resonant destructive frequency (MOR) of many dangerous pathogenic organisms, this simple experiment works with a harmless organism known as a Paramecium. It is a ‘proof of concept’ experiment. A helium filled glass bulb (phanotron) is stimulated by an audio-rate amplitude modulated Radio Frequency carrier (27 Mhz) into a plasma state (the fourth state of matter) and these ‘plasma waves’ gradually destroy this microorganism. As Rife would have said, it is now ‘devitalized’, it’s basic biological functions (eating, replication, etc.) are no longer viable. Were this a pathogenic organism, it would be rendered harmless.