Melanoma & Vitamin D


“It’s true that skin cancer is on the rise, but these are mainly non-Melanoma skin cancers usually found on the face & top of the hands (9% of the surface); easy to detect & easy to treat. Melanoma, on the other hand is the most deadly form of skin cancer; actually occurs on the least sun-exposed areas of the body. And occupational sun exposure decreases your risk of Melanoma.


There was a study done in Canada where they asked a simple question of women who had breast cancer – How much sun exposure did they have as teenagers and young adults? Then they asked an equal number of women living in the same area who didn’t have breast cancer. They observed that children, teenagers & young adults that had the most sun exposure reduced their risk of getting breast cancer later in life by 50-75%. “Dr. Micheal F. Holick, author of ‘The Vitamin D Solution


IN CHILDREN: Increased risk of developing auto-immune diseases later in life, including Type 1 Diabetes & Multiple Sclerosis

IN TEENAGERS: 50 million teens in the United States are Vitamin D deficient or insufficient. They have a 2.4 fold increased risk of having High Blood Pressure, 2.5 fold risk of having High Blood Sugar and a 4 fold increased risk of having pre-Type 2 Diabetes

IN ADULTS: Linked to an increased risk as much as 50% of acquiring Prostate, Colon, Pancreatic & Breast cancer including Leukemia.

Anyone living north of Atlanta Georgia does not produce Vitamin D in their skin from November through February. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to supplement the body. The only sources of food naturally containing Vitamin D include:

a) Wild caught Salmon

b) Light exposed mushrooms

c) Cod Liver Oil

* Fortified milks, breads & cereals may contain Vitamin D; however seek out raw, unpasteurized milk & strictly organic breads & cereals for optimal health