What Are Your Rights

Vitamin C What Are Your Rights?

You may remember the sensational story last year of a New Zealand man who all-but died of swine fever pneumonia but was saved by vitamin C IV. Trouble is, the doctors wouldn’t listen. They insisted the man be allowed to die and stopped giving him the vitamin C. Any delusion that doctors are in it for the love of humanity should

be let go, at this time.
Fortunately, the man’s family fought an intense legal battle to get him the vitamin C and they succeeded. He’s alive today and living a normal life. The doctors have the gall to say the recovery was due to changing his position in the bed. Well, why didn’t they do it sooner, instead of INSISTING he was already a “dead man”? They were

about to switch off his life support machine!
You can watch a short, moving video of this story here, from New Zealand television.
What’s scary is the way the doctors ignored the family and acted like they somehow “owned” the patient and that ONLY their input decided a person’s fate. This is fascist medicine.
Well, we do have legal rights, above and beyond what the medical profession believes and they need reining in, for sure. Thomas Levy MD is also a lawyer and has prepared a document to be shared by all, detailing your rights. This is strictly US but these rights will be similar in most developed countries.
“Vitamin C and the Law” by Dr. Levy is available as a free pdf download at: