Countless cancer pioneers – including some of the brightest medical brains of the century – have been hounded out of America and forced to open clinics elsewhere. One district attorney who arrested successful alternative cancer clinic operator Harry Hoxsey over a hundred times within two years changed sides when his brother – allegedly suffering from terminal cancer – was successfully treated at a Hoxsey clinic. The FDA finally padlocked all 17 Hoxsey clinics on the same day and he was stopped from practising in the US. Hoxsey therapies are now available in Mexico.’


HARRY HOXSEY FORMULA: Red clover, Burdock root, Barberry bark, Licorice root, Buckthorn bark, Prickly ash, poke berries and root, Stillingia root, Cascara amarga, Potassium iodide, zinc chloride, and antimony trisulfide.

“Those afflicted with cancer are warned not to be misled by the false promise that the Hoxsey cancer treatment will cure or alleviate their condition. Cancer can be cured only through surgery or radiation. Death from cancer is inevitable when cancer patients fail to obtain proper medical treatment because of the lure of a painless cure “without the use of surgery, x-ray or radium” as claimed by Hoxsey.”

US Dep’t of Health, Education & Welfare, 04/04/56