Cervix Vaccination Danger

Gardasil Vaccine in The UK Is A Big Mistake

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Recently I told you about the latest controversy surrounding the cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix. For those who missed that alert, here’s a quick update:

Just weeks after 13-year-old Lucy Hinks received her third dose of the jab, she began to feel exhausted. Two months later, she had lost a stone in weight and since then has been sleeping for up to 23 hours a day. She had been in perfect health, had an excellent school attendance record and was among the top students in her class… until she received Cervarix.

Lucy is just one of many girls who have suffered adverse side effects after getting the Cervarix vaccine… Back in 2009, controversy struck Cervarix, when 14-year-old Natalie Morton died just hours after being given the vaccine…

It gets worse

Last week it transpired that the UK government now plans to switch from using Cervarix to Gardasil from September 2012. Gardasil (manufactured by Merck) was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in 2006, and has since been used as a vaccine against the sexually transmitted Human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer.

Gardasil targets four strains of HPV — two responsible for cervical cancer and two causing the less serious condition of genital warts, while Cervarix protects against only two of the HPV strains. David Salisbury, the UK government’s director of immunisation, said experts had weighed up both the

cost and clinical benefits before deciding to switch to Gardasil.

However, what we’re not being told is that Gardasil is as dangerous as Cervarix… if not worse!

There are thousands of young girls, in the US, who were healthy before receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Yet, they became gravely ill following their vaccinations. Some have permanent debilitating conditions. Nearly 70 of them have died.

Gardasil’s side effects range from dizziness, to seizures, paralysis, loss of consciousness, vision loss, delusions, ruptured ovarian cysts, enlarged liver, muscle pain, heart arrhythmia, lupus, Bell’s Palsy, kidney impairment, migraine — the list of horrors literally goes on and on.

Some might argue that a few thousand teenage girls suffering these side effects is a price worth paying if millions are saved from cervical cancer. When, in fact it’s completely unacceptable, especially when you consider that Gardasil (like Cervarix) only protects against SOME of the HPV strains that cause cervical cancer.

Perhaps David Salisbury and his cronies should take the words of Dr Diane Harper, who was one of the principal Merck investigators in the initial

Gardasil trials, to heart: “Even if everyone was vaccinated, we would still have cervical cancer. I don’t want people to be lulled into thinking this will prevent cancer.”

The truth is, other than sexual abstinence, the BEST way to prevent cervical cancer is with regular HPV screening. HPV is easily detected and treated when women have Pap smears. The HPV Test offers even greater assurance that the virus will be caught early.

This message from Mr Hinks (Lucy’s father) bears repeating: “Get all the facts, gather as much information as you can and then decide for yourself if it’s a safe option for your child.”

Please forward this message to all the parents and grandparents out there with teenage girls who may be considering (or being pushed into getting) the cervical cancer vaccine… You might just save a life!

Taken From: http://www.naturalremediesblog.net/gardasil-vaccine-uk-big-mistake/