Tumours Love Junk Food

Sugar Is Food For Tumours

tumorThe more you eat, the bigger they get.

You’ll get bigger too, of course — but if there’s anything worse than a swollen gut, it’s a swollen tumour.

Now, a new study confirms that a diet high in carbs is a cancer’s best friend.

Canadian researchers bred mice with both human and mouse tumours, then put them onto either a high-carb diet (like the one the feds say you should be eating), or a diet of just 15 percent carbs — like the one I’ve been telling you to eat.

All I can say is I hope you’ve been listening to me and not the feds: The mice with the most carbs gained more weight on the same number of calories, and their tumours grew like weeds.

Next, the researchers bred mice predisposed to breast cancer and put them on the same choice of diets. And again, the cancers progressed faster on the carb-heavy diet, with nearly half of those mice getting the disease in their first year.

Care to guess how many of the low-carb mice got cancer in that year?

Remember, these are mice predisposed to the disease… yet NONE of them actually got it in that time!

Overall, only 30 percent of the low-carb mice eventually developed cancer before they died versus a whopping 70 percent of mice on the high-carb diet.

If that’s not enough to get you to swear off sugar and bread for good, consider this: Only one of the high-carb mice reached the expected two-year lifespan, versus more than half of those in the low-carb group.

I don’t know why anyone would be stunned by this — research as far back as the 1920s showed that tumour cells gobble up glucose like an SUV guzzles gas.

But no one heeded the warning then… and they’re certainly not heeding it now as Americans swallow more carbs and suffer more cancers than ever before.

And with the feds still relentlessly pushing carbs on the American people, you can expect even more cancers in the coming years.

W. C. Douglas MD