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This is a purely informative profile, trying to spread the word about what the average person may not know about cancer, and striving to provide hope to anyone wanting to treat or prevent it. Revealing Mother Nature’s own answers to how it can be very effectively and safely treated, even in a lot of terminally deemed cases. But first, it’s necessary to explain why these natural methods aren’t already widely used.

The Cancer Industry

Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry (also providing millions with employment), and as a business, the drug companies who make these vast profits don’t want anything to stand in the way of this. What would seem to pose the biggest threat to their business, are natural remedies / preventatives, and a resultant future of a much healthier population who do not need their drugs anymore. If you’re interested to find out more, then read on – but just one piece of advice first – it’s important to have an open mind.

So many people have blind faith in their doctors, and will not believe a word anyone else says with a differing opinion. But the sad truth is, that your typical local doctor, even if he’s a caring and genuine person, is still being ruled by the drug companies, due to their funding into the medical industry and big influence into medical training. Also, unlike drugs, natural products cannot be patented, and therefore cannot make them the vast amounts of money that their drugs do.

Another factor, is that in order for the drug companies to continue making this money, illnesses like cancer must continue to be so prevalent, so if everyone started using natural preventatives, this would no longer be the case. This is one of the reasons why orthodox medicine will never produce a cure for cancer. The nature of their medicine (which I’ll be describing later), is also an indication of this fact, because it does nothing to treat the causes (unlike natural medicine), as well as being extremely harmful to the body both in the short-term AND the long-term. Just look at the way that however many new drugs and so-called breakthroughs there are, the percentage of new cancer cases just continues to rise and rise.

It’s also very difficult for independent doctors to make much of an impact on cancer, because in a lot of western countries, certain natural therapies and products are actually illegal, and even making claims about their benefits isn’t permitted either! This is because they haven’t had hugely expensive tests performed on them, which independent companies simply cannot afford (and they ignore the fact that certain nationalities have successfully used them for centuries). Any orthodox doctors (or even ordinary workers at drug companies), who actually realise what’s going on can’t really help either, because they just risk losing their jobs and credibility if they speak out against things. I shall now concentrate on discussing various treatment methods, as I believe that everyone has the right to have MORE options available to them, rather than just the more harmful ones.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the authority to give actual medical advice, so my words are purely informative, and I would advise anyone wishing to treat cancer, to seek help from a qualified medical practitioner who deals in these natural fields. The treatments I mention cannot be described as a ‘cure’, even though they will often eliminate the disease. Cures suggest a once-only measure, whereas it’s advised to continue with a maintenance supply of any natural measures in order to be sure of it not returning. Also, when I talk about cancer, I’m talking about cancer in general, as these natural treatments are good for cancer in general. If you want information about which treatments are better for each individual type, I’d advise further medical help.

The Natural Way

Natural treatments, are nature’s own way of treating us, i.e. the factors we’re designed to respond to effectively, and in a way that doesn’t harm us. All you have to do is look at wild animals. They just eat natural raw foods, and they rarely suffer from the terrible diseases like cancer that humans do. And it’s not just animals – there are various groups of people around the world who live in isolated natural environments, eating only natural foods, and they never get cancer. These groups include the Eskimos (before they became westernised), the Abkhazians, and perhaps the most famous in connection with cancer free diets, the Hunzas.

Metabolic (Nutritional) Therapies

The Hunzas live in a region of the Himalayas, and in a 9-year study of their population of around 30,000 people, not a single case of cancer was found. With an abundance of apricot trees growing there, their biggest delicacy is the apricot seed, and these seeds contain the richest source of vitamin B17. And what is the purpose of this vitamin? To kill cancer cells. This has also been proven thousands of times over in the western world that people with cancer can defeat it with this vitamin.

It’s also found in all other non-citrus fruit seeds, as well as millet, buckwheat, Macadamia nuts, mung beans, lima beans, butter beans and bamboo shoots.

Any food containing vitamin B17 (also known as laetrile or amygadalin), is lethal to cancer cells. It just injects a poison (a special form of cyanide) into any cancer cell it comes into contact with and kills it. Let me just make it clear that since B17 has selective toxicity, this means that healthy cells are in no way affected by this poison, and there have never been any cases of any serious detrimental affect of taking non-excessive amounts of B17 to anyone, despite the drug companies desperate attempts to find any (it would be headline news if there had – they did actually manage a headline once, but the supposed ill couple in question couldn’t even be found!).

In fact B17 is actually nourishing to healthy cells, but despite its non-harmful record, the B17 rich apricot seeds sadly are banned from sale in certain countries including the USA, on the grounds that they contain this poison. They can however, always be ordered from other countries on the Internet.

A good maintenance dose would be around 10 apricot seeds per day, and up to around 60 for those with cancer. It’s never advisable to consume excessive amounts of them though, in the same way that you can drown by drinking too much water. Although eating B17 rich foods is an excellent way of preventing cancer, for those with fully blown cancer, hospital treatment would be best advised. In these cases, B17 can be injected into the veins in order to provide sufficient quantities to match the degree of the cancer.

Oxygen Therapies

One thing in common that all cancer cells have, is a lack of oxygen. Without enough oxygen, human cells just cannot function correctly, and so are more prone to becoming cancerous.

Although it may seem like we’re getting enough oxygen because we can breathe ok, this isn’t always the case for some of our cells. It can be the case, that too much of the oxygen needed for normal cellular respiration is used to correct problems / imbalances caused by nutritional deficiencies, exposure to toxins etc. Once oxygen is in its activated form (O1 as opposed to the stable O2 found in normal air), cancer cells simply cannot survive in it.

Hydrogen peroxide (water with an active single atom of oxygen (O1) attached to it), is included in some forms of oxygen therapies. It’s totally natural to the body, because our attacking white blood cells produce and use it to kill harmful organisms. They cannot do this however, if we don’t have enough oxygen and/or water in our body, which is another reason why oxygen is so important to us.

This leads me onto oxygen therapies. Although there are many different types, they all use the same principle in that activated oxygen (which is far more effective than stable oxygen), ends up eradicating cancer cells, as well as other harmful elements (so is therefore effective at treating many diseases), and in no way is it harmful to us or any of our healthy cells.

For those just wanting to prevent cancer, and stay generally healthy, there are simple methods like drinking oxygenated water (a good brand should have around 30-50 ppm oxygen), and oxygenating liquid supplements (oxygen drops for adding to water sold in pocket sized containers). Note that although a lot of these products are in a stabilized form, as soon as they hit the stomach acids, they’re immediately converted into a highly active form.

For those with fully blown cancer, there are much more effective related treatments than those mentioned above, often in the form of ozone. Ozone (O3) is made up of 3 or more molecules of oxygen, and is a highly active form of oxygen because its always releasing active O1 molecules until it becomes stable (O2).

Ozone is nature’s biggest cleansing tool, because it attracts itself to pollution such as smog in order to eliminate it. Ozone works like this in the body too, and there are many different ozone treatments, most of which should be carried out by a qualified medical practitioner. Some methods involve injecting ozone directly into the tumor, which should result in eradication of its malignant cells. Other methods involve injecting ozone into the blood, thereby detoxifying the whole bloodstream (which is also effective for many other diseases).

The most effective of these methods would seem to be Direct IV Ozone. But what seems even better than any injection treatment, is a blood ozonating dialysis system called Recirculatory Hemoperfusion (RHP) (also for diseases in general). Blood leaves the body, gets detoxified, plus any harmful waste is filtered out, and then the clean healthy blood is pumped back into the body.

The pH Factor

Another thing in common that all cancer cells have, is a low acidic pH level, and this factor can cause cancer cells to divide much more rapidly. The body must maintain an alkaline pH of around 7.4 in order to survive, but most peoples’ diets produce a mainly acidic end result in the body. Oxygen is the body’s main way of neutralising this acid pH, and this oxygen usage is a major reason why we don’t have adequate oxygen levels for other purposes. It is therefore a good idea to have a diet rich in alkaline forming foods (mainly raw fruit, veg, nuts and seeds) to aid cancer prevention and good general health.

For those who already have cancer, an important fact to know, is that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline pH of 8.0, and one element that can provide such an alkalinity, is the most alkaline mineral cesium. There are therefore cesium supplements and treatments, which are highly effective at defeating cancer, even in its advanced stages (and particularly in cesium’s highly absorbable ionised form). This treatment is also effective at easing the pain that cancer produces. It is recommended that a qualified medical practitioner administer such treatments.

Orthodox Therapies

Moving away from the natural, I shall now discuss the more commonly used therapies for treating cancer. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are highly toxic and damaging to the body. They seriously weaken the immune system, thereby allowing the cancer to spread more easily, and also leaving a much higher susceptibility to other illnesses (including getting cancer again), and giving a general poorer long-term health. There isn’t even any evidence that these treatments allow a longer lifespan. Yes, these treatments do reduce the size of the tumor, but this isn’t as good a factor as you may think.

Tumors are made up of both cancer and non-cancer cells, but the X-rays used to burn them away in radiotherapy are by far the more effective on the non-cancer cells, and tending to leave the resistant malignant cells alone. So the reduction in tumor size is due to the destruction of mainly healthy cells, thereby leaving a high percentage of malignancy intact. Also, the tumor is only a symptom of cancer, so this therefore isn’t a good long-term solution, because the underlying causes (usually an unhealthy body caused by nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins etc) that aren’t being treated can always bring on another bout of cancer.

High exposure to radiation is also very cancer inducing in itself – just look at the rate of cancer increase in Hiroshima survivors! Chemotherapy too is a carcinogen, and highly poisonous as well, especially to healthy tissue. It’s used to target the faster growing (dividing) cells in the body, as cancer cells usually are. However, actively dividing cells all over the body get affected too.

Hair cells in particular are fast growing, hence hair loss during treatment. When blood cells are caught dividing, blood poisoning occurs, which causes the sickness and weakness of the body, amongst other things.

Surgery is the least harmful of the main orthodox treatments, and can sometimes be a life-saving necessity when the tumor is causing a blockage. However, the more malignant a tumor, the harder it is to operate on it, and often being completely inoperable. Also once again, it still doesn’t remove the cause to prevent you from getting it again.

Combined Therapies and Comparisons

Another thing you might be wondering, is whether natural and orthodox medicine can be used together. The simple answer is yes. Someone using both will have a better chance than just by using orthodox, but nowhere near as good a chance if they were to use only natural.

Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, as well as all the legality and propaganda about the subject, there are only a small percentage of natural treating hospitals, and only a very small percentage of people choosing natural therapies as their first option. It tends to be used as a last resort treatment, when orthodox methods have failed and the patient has been sent home to die. This usually happens when the cancer has spread, which leaves an almost zero percent chance of long-term (5 or more years) survival. It’s therefore a miracle that natural therapies would be able to reverse this in a single case, but yet they do, and plenty of them.

And far better still, is when the cancer hasn’t spread, when natural therapies give an excellent long-term survival chance.

The success of natural therapies has been proven enough times in various hospitals to make the evidence pretty conclusive, and for those requiring further proof, I’ve provided plenty of testimonials in the links further down the page.

Other Factors

Other than the factors I’ve already mentioned, I’ll just outline some of the numerous other factors involved in healthy living in order to prevent and help treat cancer. The main point I think everyone needs to keep in mind, is that since cancer is a disease of modern living, caused by various elements in life which are unnatural and therefore harmful to the body, we must remember that natural is good and unnatural is bad. This is something that applies to ALL aspects of life, i.e. all the foods we eat, environmental and lifestyle factors as well as treatment methods.

As foods are concerned, it’s best to steer clear as much as possible from food containing toxins (usually non-organic, e.g. when artificial chemicals have been sprayed on crops or added to livestock’s feed), hydrogenated foods (especially margarines), any highly processed foods (especially sugars), and alcohol. Good foods include raw fruit and veg, nuts and seeds, unprocessed uncooked fats, wholemeal foods and of course B17 rich foods.

In terms of other specific nutrients, there are plenty of useful ones, especially vitamin C, vitamins A and E (especially in emulsified form), selenium and shark cartilage. Pancreatic enzymes such as trypsin and chemotrypsin, are great at eating away the thick coating on cancer cells, so that these cells can then be easily attacked by the white blood cells. These enzymes are produced naturally by the pancreas, or can be increased by use of supplements. The supplementation of nattokinase found in proteolytic enzymes has this effect too.

Other similar enzymes can be found in pineapples as bromelain and papayas as papain. Sulfur in the form of MSM is great for increasing cell permeability, which means that oxygen can enter cells more easily, and waste products can exit them more easily. Also good for enabling cellular oxygen uptake are essential fatty acids. Potassium is a great mineral at aiding the hydration of cells, and of course drinking lots of water is always important.

As far as environmental factors are concerned, obviously any chemical sprays and air pollutant contact should be avoided, as should things like smoking, drugs and over-exposure to the sun. Fluoride is cited as being good for dental health, but is actually toxic industrial waste, and pumping it into water supplies and adding it to toothpaste is one way of disposing of this waste. Used in rat poison and being more toxic than lead, fluoride is a dangerous carcinogen, especially in connection with bone cancer, and also leads to hip fractures.

Electromagnetic fields from sources such as power lines, wireless broadband connections, DECT phones, mobile phones and mast signals are also a cause for concern, especially regarding brain tumors and leukaemia.

Another factor to think about, are all your personal care products. Talc in particular, is a carcinogen, especially with regard to ovarian cancer. Almost all commercial brands of personal care products in general, contain many man-made toxic chemicals, e.g. propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and diethandamine (DEA).

There are however, some companies that DO sell natural products free of any carcinogens or any other harmful ingredients. Many of these are mail order only though, but can be searched for on the Internet. A lot of them also sell supplements, which are usually of a superior quality to the more commercial brands. As far as the high street is concerned, I would advise looking for good organic health stores.

One final factor I feel important to mention is the power of optimism, which increases the immune system’s effectiveness. The immune system is actually the body’s first line of defence against cancer by use of its white blood cells, so it’s always a good idea to keep it boosted by following the other advice I’ve listed. Strangely enough to prove this point, many cancer patients have gone into remission after contracting an infectious disease, because infections stimulate the body’s immune system to work much harder, whereas a non-infection like cancer isn’t seen by the body as an immediate threat.


The information I’ve provided is just a simplified version of matters, so for those who want further info on what I’ve said, I’ve provided a number of useful links below. Please also read my blogs, which contain important information too. Also feel free to search for further info beyond the sites I’ve listed, but one word of warning: In the same way that the drug companies and society try to discredit natural treatments, there are going to be plenty of websites doing that too! But just remember – you can’t beat nature, and nature isn’t out there for the purpose of making the billions that the drug companies are constantly raking in from our ill health.

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