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About 7,350 people will die of cancer today and everyday between UK, USA & China alone. Most of them do not need to. Most of them could have prevented, reversed or at least made this very lonely pilgrimage more bearable. This website will aim to tell you how. All is not lost – Gods got cancer covered and His methods allow you to keep your hair, your happiness, usually your health and most likely your home, read on as to how:


On this site you will learn of clinical studies, peer reviewed proofs,

Living testimonies of all NATURAL Relief & Cures For:

Cancer All types including the “incurables”
Aids To “No traceable loads”
Autism 90% recovery 90% of the time
Alzheimer’s Often 90% stop & reversal within 50 days
Arthritis Pain relief in minutes
Diabetes The 30 day Cure
Depression/ Bipolar There is hope – Amazing testimonies
Heart Cholesterol, Pressure, Arrhythmia – All down
Malaria The 4 hour cure
Acne 48 hours – 3 weeks for severe cases
Shingles Pain usually gone in days
Sprains & strains Rapid pain free recovery
Kidney disease The Vet was amazed
Kidney Stones Fast pain relief and stones dissolved
MS Numerous testimonies
ME/ Chronic Fatigue Energy can be restored

Why a Cancer Cures Plus Website?

The 13 myths of Cancer

Myth #1 Cancer is a mystery disease
Myth #2 There are no cures
Myth #3 Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are your only hope
Myth #4 Cancer is always terminal
Myth #5 Millions are being spent on research
Myth #6 Breast cancer awareness is helping
Myth #7 Mammograms save lives
Myth #8 If there is a cure doctor’s will know it
Myth #9 Cancer is genetic
Myth #10 There is nothing I can do to stop getting cancer
Myth #11 All alternative cures are just quackery?
Myth #12 Where all the people that have been cured?
Myth #13 You need medical skills to help yourself fight cancer


Fact: Many doctors, researchers & scientists will strenuously disagree with this statement. Dr Otto Walburg stated on record that “All cancers begin with an oxygen deficiency in the body and reversing that condition will on most occasions reverse the cancer – One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by internal consumption of h202

Fact: This website and many like it will confirm there are many cures. The highly successfully Oasis of Hope alternative Cancer Click in Mexico recently switched from multiple therapy attck against cancers and replaced it with massive doses of high quality vitamin C and H202. However, they continue to practise – Massive detox prior and during treatment as a means of removing the problem that caused the cancer in the first place. Subject to correction, we know of no oncologist that goes to any investigative length to discover why a person may have contracted cancer in the first place far less treat the cause of it.

A recent report states that an increasing amount of oncologists are continuing to give chemo & radiation to patients that are already well beyond hope. A bill was passed to prevent these claims being made against US medical insurers. The oncology response was to indeed decrease 2-3 chemo treatments to just one but they opted for the most expensive program from the get go. In fact more expensive for 3 lesser cost treatments combined. The end result being that medical insurers are now paying more money than ever for treatments that do not work

Since Chemo can cost between $10,500 & $50k a dose... This means that people without medical hope are paying for their despair physically, emotionally and financially whilst being kept from successful alternative treatments. In the end you are not just losing your health, your happiness you are also often losing your house. Michael Moorer in his documentary “Sicko” reported medical insurance as the biggest cause of domestic bankruptcy with Chemo heading the list

Whilst it’s true that not all oncologists are aware of alternative cures, it is true that for many 75% of their salary comes from commissions for prescribing chemo.

The more a cancer patient is aware of the facts and lies regarding the near uselessness of chemo treatment the more likely they are to avoid it and seek credible, proven help elsewhere.

Fact: Chemo has a 93% success rate of killing you – New stats quote 98% death rate

Fact: 9 out of 10 Oncologists will not take chemo themselves, or let their family if they develop cancer

Fact: Chemo poisons an already depleted immune system making recovery almost impossible.

Fact: Chemo presents the body with massive toxic shock which doesn't just stop the cancer it stops everything - Until Gods miracle blueprint allows the body to beginning healing itself. The problem is, when the body recovers the cancer usually recovers also…. Round 2

Fact: Super cancers are emerging that are chemo resistant - but not God product resistant - Cancer can, does & will in most cases flee a high nutritional regime that includes detoxification as part of the regime.

Fact: A new law is being passed in the USA whereby hospitals will be required to make known the massive amount of radiation overdoses & deaths annually in their institution if requested

Fact: Breast cancer has increased 328% since the introduction of the mammogram - Its now proven science that suppressed breast tissue saturated by radiation causes cancer.

Is there a perfect cancer cure?

We know that Cancer is no respecter of persons and affects rich and poor, famous and unknown, old and young alike. That includes you and me alike. However, you CAN minimise that affect if not remove it altogether.

Is there a perfect once and forever cancer cure? That’s like asking for a guarantee that your house will never catch fire.

Such promises won’t be found on this site. But, should you ever experience a house fire there are several things you can do put that fire out and many things you can do to limit the probability that it won’t happen again. Likewise with cancer – It can be avoided and it can be killed.

a) You can massively reduce the risk of contracting cancer with simple and inexpensive counter measures. Click Here

b) Untold thousands, many of whom failed to recover from the usual surgery, chemo & radiation (cut, poison and burn) had been sent home to die by the medical world have since successfully defeated cancer and lived cancer free for years.

c) Just as throwing gasoline on a fire will not help things there is a vast weight of clinical studies that confirm surgery, chemo & radiation can make matters critically worse. As you read through this site you will see why. Click Here

Gods Got Cancer Covered.

The invaluable information on this website is completely FREE. It’s not ours to hold to hide or to sell, God gave it freely to all of us. Despite the best efforts of some, due to vested interests to conceal and deny the cures published in this site, they are true and here they are again, springing up for you all to read.

For the most part this website is a collection of articles drawn from other excellent websites hidden away in vast cyberspace where most will never find these magnificent truths.

Cancer Cure Heroes - We honour these bold and courageous people that have spent years researching these cures that we can now read about in just a few moments on websites like these.

The primary goal of this site is to offer light, hope and help. Yet it would be remiss of us to not clarify first why we think a Cancer Cure site is even needed. Surely, doctors scientists and research institutes are already doing all they possibly can to find cures to defeat these merciless mystery diseases? Aren’t they?

That’s how we thought until, sadly, overwhelming evidence confirms otherwise. The facts state that there is and has been a long term culture of suppressing, denying, resisting and burying very credible, non-invasive, inexpensive cures since the 1920’s

The reward for many “Cancer Cure” pioneers has not been the recognition and accolade they deserve. Instead they have been persecuted, imprisoned, ridiculed from “concerned professional peers”, Struck off and bankrupt whilst fighting to defend their cure and their name.

Could that be possible you wonder? Isn’t this rather dramatic? Read on, watch the videos of court cases, hear the absurd accusations against men whose only crime was to discover a cure for cancer. You’ll be amazed at the miraculous counter testimonies. Read actual transcripts of broken parents weeping, begging prosecutors not to ban a particular cure that has brought back their child from the very edge of death, abandoned there more by chemical poisoning treatments and radiation than the cancer itself. Read how a notorious judge stood in to testify on his wife’s behalf. She was abandoned to die with throat cancer by conventional medicine, but restored to fully active life by a simple and non toxic cure.. The judge stated “My wife is restored to her normal way of life and was gardening as I left to come here today. Of course you will realise that I’m witness by proxy since you removed her tongue and later told her there was no more you could do for her. Yet this man whom you have accused of malpractice cured her?

Oh that such injustice was uncommon in pursuit for the cure for cancer, but indeed it is not…

Regrettably we are not referring to accounts of hundreds of years ago, not even decades ago. But right now among us walk doctors, scientists, geniuses that have experienced unprecedented attack against their person & profession, Guilty – for daring to state they had found a cure for cancer…